Monday, February 4, 2008


Okay, this may be an intestesting blog or it may be one that nobody is interested in at all. Nevertheless I will write it and some will actually read it...interesting. Make a list of situations that you want to occur in your life. These things cannot be just anything, but must be both exciting and unexpected. Now you may not have any idea what I am talking about so I will provide some allaborate examples that articulates my point to perfection...maybe.

1) You are busy working on a project and are wondering what you are going to eat for lunch. At this exact moment of wonderment your girlfriend, or wife, if you happen to be a little older, come and bring you a wonderful sub from subway...simply stunning

These situations hardly ever come about, and when they do there is nothing to do expect mutter "glorious". I actually had one of these "glorious" moments on Friday.
in life. These things cannot just be anything, but must be exciting, unexpected. This situation are not only rare, but simply glorious. I myself had one of these such events...anyway what i am trying to say in a small creative way is that we had a snow day the day I had a math exam....sweet

This blog....pure trash, sorry.

Monday, January 28, 2008


On Saturday, January 26, James, Matt, Jason, Bradley's buns, and I went on a shopping trip to Buffalo. The trip up was loud, crammed, and quite honestly was probably the worst part of the trip. Having three big dudes in a back seat that is only suppose to fit two people is...well...quite squishy. Not to mention Matt's poor selection of music. He thinks that Ace of Base and Imogen Heap are one in the same...I think not. Being as bold as men are we did not look at the directions while we were driving because "Men don't need maps!" As it turns out we took the wrong border crossing and had to backtrack. We not only lost a half an hour, but also some of our manly pride. I am not saying that the trip up was horrible; I am just saying that the rest of the trip was a lot better. Having a headache is no good... and neither is having a numb bum. Meanwhile Lindsay was enjoying being a nerd in Toronto (she told me to put this in).

We finally arrived at the mall and promptly ran in to eat some food. I was completely shocked that not a single soul has tried Arby's in Ontario; it is proven scientifically. I promptly convinced James and Brad to try the chicken, bacon, and Swiss sandwich and was overjoyed when they actually liked it. Two more converts to the Arby's club. We began to decide on which stores to look at which deemed to be quite the daunting task because of the two hundred plus stores. It was decided that we would split us because we could than go to more stores we actually liked. In the end I purchased two sweaters, pajama pants and a polo shirt. I scored quite the deal with the two sweaters and the pants, saving a total of one hundred and twenty dollars. Everyone else saved big on some serious deals and the trip was concluded to be a success. The biggest success was that of strengthening our friendships with each other!! Cheesy, but true....

I wish I had an exciting story to tell, but nothing like that happened. I could have made something up but that would be lying and lying is from hell. Also I made it my goal to not fabricate about my life to make it more exciting...this tends to lead to shorter blogs and a lot of backspacing. Maybe something special will happen this coming week when I make a trip to downtown Toronto! On that I will keep you informed.

Monday, January 14, 2008

My First Blog!

Today is a day for adventures. Adventures of the unknown, for today I attempt to keep the masses interested in my less than dull life. I am attempting to write a blog. My first thoughts were that I must seem to be profound, intelligent, and interesting. What I soon realized was that my grammar is less than intelligent as I began to look up how to spell words like intelligent and profound. Those who chose to read this will soon realize that there are indeed an abundance of grammatical errors and misspelled words. My life will most likely be opaque and boring, lacking in all categories for being interesting. I also came o realize that try as I may I do not seem to sound profound or even make profound statements. I am a scientist (so I call myself) and as a result I state things as they are. I am not wishy, washy like an English major. In science things are what they are, they are not what the individual perceives. Thyroxin IS released from the thyroid gland and it IS involved in the general metabolism of the organism. This is what it IS and what it DOES. If it doesn't perform these functions you have a disorder. That is why I like science. So...according to me this blog will never be profound, intelligent, or interesting. To the reader maybe it is a different story. Nevertheless please keep you comments to yourselves unless they are profound, intelligent, and/or interesting.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Simply Stunning...

On Saturday January 12, 2008 Lindsay and I got up and went to Lime Ridge Mall in Hamilton. I have had a craving for a few weeks to purchase some new t-shirts and polo shirts. I have currently changed my style of clothing from a "punky" to a more fresh "preppy" style. With a change in style comes a change in clothes. A change in clothes requires money, which I don't have an abundance of. As a result I will have to be limited to getting a few shirts instead of a lot. This is probably better for my pocket and my conscience. Anyway...we arrived at the mall and promptly went to a few stores and to my disappointment there was absolutely nothing. Lindsay would argue that there was a lot of nice clothing, but to me there was nothing. Apparently I am extremely picky when it comes to fashion, but that is who I am and I like it. My mom said that when I was a kid I would only wear certain clothes. Lindsay and I promptly went home...I was in a grumpy mood.

Later on that night Lindsay, Matthew, Steph, and I went to Niagara Falls. All I could say was wow! It was absolutely stunning! After trying to take an abundance of pictorial representations (sound smart??) or the falls we slowly walked away from the falls to my dismay. My dismay was short lived because the town centre there was awesome. Matthew and Steph have a terrible time deciding what to do and so Lindsay I had to choose what to do. We decided to go out for supper and they quickly agreed (Matt was freaking hungry as he had not eaten lunch or supper even though Steph had told him to). We checked out the Rainforest Cafe and immediately when we gawked at the prices. Leaving the Rainforest Cafe we walked across the road to Boston Pizza. I ate chicken fingers! Why are they called chicken fingers?

After dinner we went took a ride on the giant Ferris wheel! Even though it was a costly ten dollars it was still extremely cool and almost worth it. The night was almost over, but we were having such a good time we spent another ten dollars on a creepy haunted house tour. Contrary to popular belief some haunted houses are actually haunted. This was one of them! Ekkk! After this we drove back home. All in all it was a very peaceful night.

It was good hanging out with Matt again. We did not hang out that much last semester and I realize how much I missed having the guy around. The dude is an awesome dude and I appreciate everything he has done for me. When we are down he offers advice and when we are down he is always there to act like a giant idiot just to make us crack a smile. I look forward to getting to know his almost girlfriend and hanging out with them more. Steph seems like a great girl and Matt deserves a great girl because he is such a good guy. Thanks dude!!